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Dantooine Dark Side Help!

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Who are you supposed to meet at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine if you are dark sided? I killed all the Jedi Masters, and Kreia said to meet the Last of the Jedi at the Enclave. But when I went there and entered the big round room where the Last of the Jedi are supposed to be in, my whole screen just freezes. I've already re-loaded 5 or 6 times, what do I do? :wub:

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It isn't suppose to freeze then



You're supposed to meet Kreia


Not that that will be a lot of help now if it freezes there, try load the save before entering the enclave and/or the last autosave...


An possible fix could be to take Kreia With you inside, as after entering she will enter with you in a convo, and you're PC automatically walks to the meeting place afterwards...

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