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Too... Lightsided?...

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I just noticed that I somehow have a +1 adjustment to all Universal Powers as well as an added +1 to DS Powers (with a +3 Cha modifier Force Storm costs 33 instead of 32), while the reducing adjustments for the LS Powers stayed the same.


And this isn't only for my character, but for the other Force-wielding party members, as well (unknown for one of them, since I'm on Korriban).


Could someone explain what the hell is going on? :ermm:


Screenshot (small spoiler)

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Hmm... I think I've found the answer here... (spoilers alert!)



When we arrive on Korriban Kreia tells us why she doesn't want to leave the Ebon Hawk, - because she can't "center" herself there (with all the Dark Side influsence on the planet).

So I guess it's the same reason for those adjustments, since if you go back on-board the Ebon Hawk the adjustments go away.


Heh, a nice touch there... And here I thought it was a bug... :(

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