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new bugs since patch

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pre patch i had the game for a week and played all the way through without an issue. im playing on a rather nice laptop.


after the patch i have the following two annoying as all get out bugs:


1) everytime i gain a level or receive any LS points, all party members except me get dropped to the max darkside points and stay that way until i zone to a new area or reload the game. extremely annoying.


2) my avatar has gone invisible, being just eyeballs, teeth, visor and weapons!!




number 2 is funny and all...but cmon!!!

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you know something, there is a topic at the botom that says 'kotor 2 patch released' it has a subnote that says 'issues, suggestions and feedback'


why dont you use that one!

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I have to say, that's the coolest glitch I've ever seen. There should be a mod to make the game like this.

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