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Implants Issue

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My main character is a level 16 Sentinal, level 2 Watchman.


For some unknown reason, I'm unable to use some of the better implants. My constitution is 17, and +3 for light side mastery.


For example, I can use a Fitness Package (min level required 12), but not any implant with a minimum level of 14.


On my next opportunity to boost consistitution, I'm going to, just to see if it corrects the problem.


Do I have a problem from a previously corrupted save? If so, how do I go about fixing it, without starting over?


All the other NPC's seem to be fine. Just the main character is flawed. This is my second time through the game, and I didn't have any problems the first time through.


Thanks for any help, and thanks in advance.

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Seems that way though I always thought that the mastery bonuses add up to your base - well guess not.

Seems it's only during battles since it doesn't give you any extra dialog options like high Wisdom or Intelligence Attributes nor does it matter when creating new items (only skills have a meaning in here and I think when creating items either at the lab station or workbench - can't renember which - it also only looks at your base skill).

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Well, consitution bonus does raise your vitality/hit points, even if it doesn't affect your ability to wear an item. Other than that, I don't know.

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Prestiege Class Constitution bonus is basically for battle only.


What would make this more useful is if they used the PnP (Pen and Paper) rules and added increased Defense Bonus that you get as you level up as well. There is a mod that adds this -- to both you, your party AND AI oppoents -- But it's not really balanced in my opinion (not that the game is hard by any means) in that it boosts other entities defenses like Cannocks and you have to hit them like five or more times.


More in line with the PnP rules... But not practical for the video game in my opinion. Of course, again, this has a lot to do with the base stats of enemies being WAY too low and the game being a cake-walk almost all the way through.


Also, there are errors regarding other Defensive bonuses -- like armor and upgrades -- Not stacking as well. It has been debated if these are in fact bugs, or how OE may have adjusted the rules since KOTOR they did stack (at least, I think they did?).

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