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Harbringer- Constant Crashing

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Whenever Kreia starts "Something is wrong. I sense no one on board" when you come on the Harbringer and Atton starts, I get a windows error! I've saved it right when I got on the Harbringer and it happens every single time. Yes, I do have the patch but its never happened before I got it.

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Guest MacleodCorp

(w00t) No way man! LOL... If you read the ReadMe.txt and the Lucas Arts site, Obsidian or Lucas Arts also fixed a bug, which will never comes true to game play.


Master Vash’s corpse will now yield a lightsaber if you have a lightsaber when you kill him on Korriban (dark side) <-----


We are talking about this in another thread, but some of the things we have been pointing out is:


1. Master Vash is a female.

2. When you get to Korriban she is allready dead.


Conundrum: How do you kill a male version of Master Vash if she is allready dead!?!?!


Either way, I am still glad they attempted to fix the problems..

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