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I've played the first KOTOR and loved it (I'm a relatively new CRPG gamer, my first one was BGI a couple years ago) and was eager to play the second KOTOR. However, after reading the boards, as well and numerous reviews, the conclusion has been that the potential was there for a great sequel, but didn't happen because of a lack of time.


What I'd like to know is if I should get this game now or wait a while?


I've seen that there have been some projects to help restore the missing content, the ending, the mono music, and fix the bugs (al la maybe a baldurdash patch for BGI and II). I suppose a patch from Obsidian "should" be released, but after months of waiting around the boards, I'm not too hopeful. On the other hand, very few fan mods ever make it to completion, even after many months, if not years.


Anyways, what do you think? I've been really stressed out at school here (I'm near graduation, and need a job), so I can afford to wait a while if necessary if this game gets clean up and fixed.

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Unless you have an ATI card you'll probably wonder what all the talk about bugginess is about; with an ATI card you may have to switch drivers around.


However, the game will eat into your time and you should be able to give it time in order to appreciate it instead of rushing through. So getting it before graduation would not seem a smart move. >_<

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I'm glad I bought it and played it (3 times). Due to the rushed ending and cut content, not quite up to KOTOR 1 standards. But the parts Obsidian had time to finish are very good, and you have some memorable characters as companions. If you liked the first game, I'd say go for it...and hope LucasArts will allow enough time for a really great KOTOR 3.

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I say, don't listen to all that crap and buy it, the bugs ain't that bad, and no obsidian patch is gonna fix the ending, mods are all talk and no action so you won't get any of those either. Besides, if you're not a completely superficial individual, the ending won't bother you that much.


Though if you're really busy with graduation you'd better wait till that's out of the way, this game's worth savouring, not rushing through.

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Well, thanks for the feedback everyone.


Yeah, well, I'd hope that the fan mod would solve all KOTOR2 problems, but as Spooky mentioned, mods rarely are ever completed, so I'll probably give the game a try after graduation. I'll just remember to keep my expectations low.


I'll need something to play at night when I'm not looking for jobs in the day.

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