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silver crystal

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I believe there is only one silver crystal which doesn't appear in random but it's... on Malachor I believe in the first area.

not on malachor.


A) because you'd be unable to install it, as, if I remember correctly there are no tech benches from therin. and B) cos I DEFNITELY had one before Malachor.


I *think* it might be somewhere on Nihil's ship

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Items in KOTOR 2 are completely random. I found my silver crystal the first time on the body of a dead Sith Assassin on Dxun. The second time, I purchased the jedi artifacts that the trapped salvager has salvaged out of the sublevels.. I don't remember the guy's name, but he sells you his stuff for 1000 credits I think. Its worth it, the items are pretty good. I have also got a Cyan crystal out of the deal once.

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Two ways:


Random drop or random merchant listing,




Side with the female Rodian on Nar Shadaa in the little trade dispute, then visit her after restoring order to Dantooine and talk to her about establishing new trade routes, and ... there's now a nice new Silver Crystal in her wares for sale.



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Female Rodian merchant on Nar Shaddar was where I found mine. - After I made her establish a traderoute to Dantooine. (you gotta complete Dantooine first, and side with her against the Duros merchant on Nar Shaddar)



It appears that I have not yet found a sig to replace the one about me not being banned... interesting.

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