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Xbox vs PC

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This debate has been going on forever. About three years ago I broke down and bought an Xbox, mainly for the reasons listed here. I had an old computer, and my wife was in graduate school so I did not have a whole lot of money to upgrade my computer. At the time, the Xbox had a lot of potential. It had a huge hard drive, the marketing promised new downloadable content for your games and it promised Broadband internet support with Live. Plus, there was a ton of good titles coming out on the Xbox - Fable, Halo, KOTOR, Morrowind, Mech Warrior, Unreal Tournament and Jade Empire. It sounded like the perfect replacement for a PC.


However, I have been very disappointed with the Xbox. The hard drive was a complete waste and the downloadable content was a joke. The majority of games do not support downloadable content, and the content that is available usually amounts to one or two extra maps that the developer had probably already created when the original game was released. Just marketing hype. Xbox Live was good, but you can only play Deathmatch for so long with the same maps. And this will never change because Mirco$oft has made it clear the Xbox will never be opened up to user made maps and mods for fear of piracy. The last thing I *hate* about the Xbox is the crappy controller. If you have never played Halo or UT with a mouse & keyboard you do not know what you are missing. Once you do that you will never want to use the Xbox controller again. I will say though that it is sweet to hook the Xbox up to your home theater system.


So, last year I went ahead and upgraded my computer. I purchased a 9800 pro, an AMD2500, new motherboard, hard drive and memory for around $650. Basically a brand new system less a monitor. You could buy the same system today for probably $500. Like everyone has been saying, you do not need to spend a lot of money. On a whim I purchased some of the games I was playing on the Xbox for the PC. Right, off the bat I was blown away at how much better the graphics were. There is just no comparison. And my favorite thing about the PC - user made mods and maps. There are tons of new maps and mods available that really increases the replay value of your games. I feel sorry for all of the Xboxers that still have to play the same vanilla game over and over again. Since, I upgraded my computer over a year ago I have only played my Xbox a couple of times, mainly to play Halo2.


There just is no comparison between a computer and the Xbox. It is like comparing Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer to Corona. Pabst is cheap and will get the job done, but Corona tastes a whole lot better.

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