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Can't seem to get these convos (Probably spoilers)

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Probably spoilers...









I can't seem to get the convos with reading Atton's mind when he's counting Pazaak cards, the convo about "being here playing Pazaak with me" or the option to turn Mira into a Jedi. I'm on the last planet (Onderon) in my second play through as a lightside female. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Yes Talk to Mira and say you look restless, run through the choices and if you're influence is high enough then you tell her how Kreia shoed you how to listen then after she agrees to learn about the force take her back to where Kreia showed you how to listen to the force on Nar Shadda and there ya go

Statemeant: you cannot stop me you cannot harm me, in order to do that I would need to stop being one of you; I have concluded that this is something I am willing to accept!


In short you have just shown me your soft meatbag-like underbellies and said

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To get the Pazaak in my head bit, you need to do the training with Kreia that allows you to hear the thoughts of your companions. There's two levels of this. And you have to talk to him on the Ebon Hawk.

To turn Mira into a Jedi, you have to have a decent influence with her, and take her out on Nar Shadaa. Tell her she seems less restless there, and go on to offer to show her where she can hear the Force on Nar Shadaa. Then take her over to the spot in the Central Hub where Kreia stopped you and talked about the "real Nar Shadaa" - in front of the Cantina area.

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