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Game Inverts Colors After Movies

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This is really bothering me. After every time a movie clip plays (in a separate smaller window mind you) it will come back to the game and all the colors will be inverted (blacks white, whites black). I have downloaded the 4.11 driver and placed it in my SWKOTOR folder and that hasn't helped. I've also checked to make sure that my .ini file has FULLSCREEN=1 and it does so that doesn't solve why the movies pop up in a smaller window.


I'm running the game on my laptop (I know...I know...) and I'm running it with a Radeon Mobility 9700. The reason I'm running this on my laptop instead of a desktop is because I'm currently in Seattle for work and bought this game because I was bored. I have been saving the game from the point the colors switch, exiting the game, restarting it, and then loading the save and all is well. It's just annoying to have to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME a movie clip is played. Anyone else been having this problem or know of a way to solve it? Thanks in advance.

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