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Whose voice is that you hear on the website?

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Has anyone noticed that if you go to the KOTOR 2 official web site that the voice of the light side Jedi sounds an awful like Kreia's voice?


I know for the dark side choices you make, you begin to hear Darth Sion's voice. However, I'm not sure what to make of the light side Jedi's voice. I originally thought it was Atris' voice, but after playing TSL it sounds like Kreia!


Why would they do that considering Kreia is so adamant on being neutral for most of the game and then goes total dark side at the end? I'm confused!

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Of course it's Kreia's voice. I think that was a good idea to put her voice on the "light side", because players weren't expecting anything really evil from her at the beggining.


I was... :huh:


It became clear to me already on Peragus that Kreia had her own agenda, and would likely turn on me some point in the future...


It was really too bad I couldn't waste her.

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