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A strange issue came up last night

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Bleh, this is the second time I have to type this out =P. Stupid ESC key.


Anyway, I'm having a problem in Dantooine.


I landed at the port and when I was looking in the general direction in the area outside of the port, it was REALLY slowed down, I mean we're talking less than 1 frame/sec. So I went into gfx advanced options and turned everything down to minimal and it was fine (duh, right? =)).


SO I went into the building and when I came out it was REALLY slow again!


I went into gfx advanced options again and turned something up just for the hell of it. Then suddenly the game was smooth again.


So now I'm turning smooth shadows on and off everytime I enter and exit a zone.


Does anybody else have this problem? Anybody know how to permanently fix it? My solution is merely a band-aid.



2GHz AMD Athlon XP 2400+

Radeon 9800 Pro (128 MB, Catalyst 5.3)

Windows XP SP2

Sound Blaster Live!


Thanks guys!

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I belive the word on the street is to open up the swkotor2.ini in the main KOTOR2 directoy and stick


Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1


under the


[Graphic options]


dealie.  this fix is mentioned in, like every tech support thread here.  try it



That did it. Thanks! Sorry about not searching more thoroughly.

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