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some questions

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i beat the game recently, the ending was terrible, in any case....


1: Darth nihinus: was he just trying to wipe out the Jedi, is that all his significance?? He has no lines in the entire game...i mean, who the hell is he?! And for a sith lord, he was pretty damn easy to kill.


2: The exile: Occasionally, he was referred to as a sith (ie Onderon palace siege, when one of the soldiers say "they have a sith with them!"), is this only if you take the dark path? Also, what's so special about the exile, i know he can make force connections easily, but whats all this about him creating a hole in the force by killing all those people on malachor V? Also, hwo was his command of the force taken away from him?


3: Darth Sion: Kreia's apprentice, i got that, but why does he want to kill her?


4: Atton: Kreia called him a 'murderer' who did he kill?


5: mandalore: is he caderous ordo from kotorI? thats what kreia called him


6: who and what are the True Sith?

7: when was trayus academy built? after the mandolorian wars? who built it?


8: The exile said he turned ont he Jedi along with Revan to save 'countless civilians from being killed' how did turning on the council accomplish this.


9: is when the exile 'looks upon visas' with force sight, is this the closest to romance the exile gets?


10: is kreia from the same planet as visas?

o and btw, have you ever seen a female wookie?



sorry if thats too muh, its just the ending was so abrupt and uninformative.

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1. His only motivation is his hunger, which can never be satisfied. He will kill all life in the Galaxy if not stopped. The Exile is his kryptonite, though. I don't feel like going into it.


2. He was connected to almost every Republic soldier on Malachor V (he had fought with them, and thus, formed bonds). He gave the command to activate the Mass Shadow Generator, killing all of those soldiers. In effect, the Exile felt the pain of being crushed to death thousands of times. He felt this through the force, and so he ripped himself from the force in order to stay alive. It was a self-defence mechanism.


3. He does not want to kill her. He is the master of Pain. He is like an abused child. He hates her, he knows she will use him, and yet he constantly seeks her aproval.


4. He killed scores of Jedi, and helped turn scores more to the dark side. You didn't get influence with him?


5. Yep.


6. Your guess is as good as mine. But whatever they turn out to be, I bet they'll be badass.


7. No idea.


8. The council was sitting idly by as countless civilians were slughtered by the Mandalorians. The Exile went to fight them, and to save countless civilian lives.


9. For the male, you get to "see" Visas and "spar" with the Hand-Maiden. The female gets to "play pazaak" with Atton.


10. No, unless I really missed something (possible).


Bonus Question: Not that I can recall, but I'm willing to bet there was one in KOTOR I.

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The game plot & character philosophy/motivation, I'm not good with, so I'll skip that.


Kreia's murder reference to Atton has to do with his 'deep dark secret' that you learn if you influence him enough to turn him into Jedi...which I assume you did not. >_<


Romance - it's pretty limited - mostly to a few cut scenes and dialgoue options. There was supposed to be more (and have more effect on the game) but it was cut out of the final game. There's been a lot of discussion about all the 'cut' dialogues.


I haven't played a male yet but w/the female you get a tad more romance if you're Light side and have Mira.

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I keep all Helton answers axept the ones i don't agree with .p


2. On malachor he was invested by the screams in the force and the corruption energy of malachor, he instinctively tried to "flee" from that horror and doing that he "fled" from the force too, cutting himself to it and becoming a hole.


4. I think she is referring mostly to a particular jedi he killed but he tells you all his story with enought influence.


7. it seem it is an ancient academy long forgotten by sith, but no hint about precisely it was built


10. No, Kreia also had normal working eyes, she lost her normal vision recently but she doesn't need it anymore. Also she have a gift very similar to Visas one.





and no they don't die as you can ask Kreia about thir future.

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