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Light Textures - Help!

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I just got KOTOR 2, just after finishing KOTOR 1 and expected the Graphics to be more impressive than the first, however when i first loaded i noticed that a lot of the textures were very light.

They seem to be acting as if they have a constant light source on them, and as you can probably imagine, it makes the game look very bad.

I've overlooked it up until now, and could probably continue to the end like it is,

I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has had this problem, and if there is anyway to fix this (because i really don't want to go on looking like it does)

I'm not on my home PC at the mo, so i can't post any pictures, but i will update later so you can see what i mean.


If this is a stupid question- i apologise in advance as i am new to PC gaming.

Thanks in advance

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The brightness/gamma in this gamma is bugged and lots of ppl have problems with it.

In my case the screen is quite dark so I have to adjust the brightness slider (ingame not in WIndows Display Properites is what I mean). I move the slider and put it back exactly where it was and hey presto - screen is brightened to the right level. When I exit the game my desktop is usually too bright so I have to fiddle with Display Properties.


Its not your machine or drivers - this is one buggy game. Just adjust the brightness slider til it looks right for you. Dont be surprised if you have to do it every time you start the game.

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