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Bao-Dur's Influence points

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I've turned everyone I could to jedi, except Bao-Dur, he dosen't seem to give me the opportunity. Are there any specific influence encounters in the game where he needs to be present ? So far I've covered Nar-Shadaa, Korriban and I'm almost finished with Dantoine. I haven't used Bao-Dur at all since Telos to make sure he gets the most force powers.


Is it a stage in the story that allows me to train him, or is it a matter of influence ?

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This question is better suited to a search through gamefaqs, well, game FAQs.


I'll humor you.


You cannot gain influence with BD through a conversation you initiate with him. In fact, don't talk to him at all between the time you get your lightsaber and when you have enough inf. to make him a jedi, as a DS dispostion will LOSE you influence.


Acts of benevolence to certain specific people will gain you influence. This works at least two times.

Complementing him when he asks you to help him with something will gain influence with him. This will occur a maximum of twice.

Helping Republic officers will gain influence. This happens a maximum of twice.


Committing a murder with a party of BD and Kreia (must be the first murder Kreia has witnessed you commit) will gain infuence with BD.


That's about it.

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one of the way to gain influence with him is get him to check the speeder at Nar Shadda after you've repaired it. Second way is to let him have a look at the moisturizers(?) in the crystal cave down at Dantooine. Third way, in the Dxun Mandalorian camp, there's a quest where you need to help the guy fix up this satellite. Get the parts, let him have a look. There you go. Hope it helps (:

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*frowns* I don't remember getting any DSP just for talking to Bao when I played Dark. I get him, run through all his meaningless dialogues till he says "never mind' all the time and nothing.


Sure you aren't thinking of Disciple? I know he reacts like that.


Bao is no different than any other NPC influence, except as mentioned, he has no conversation options. So if he hasn't been in your party, that's why you haven't succeeded in influencing him. Just put him in your party before you talk to someone then remove him again when done.


He actually has quite a few spots for that - more than the ones mentioned.

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