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DS/LS Mastery PC/NPC questions...

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All right, just for starters, this topic isn't about what the bonus are... Here's the quick list just to get it out of the way...


Guardian/Weaponmaster: +3 str

Sentinel/Watchman: +3 con

Consular/Jedi Master: +3 wis

Sith Marauder: +1-8 dmg

Sith Assassin: +3 dex

Sith Lord: +50 FP


Now, here's the thing. I just finished my second run (Hey, I own the PC version)through the game.


First time LS Sentinal/Weaponmaster, second time DS Consular/Assassin.


So here's what I'm wondering...


1 - The LS Exile - visibly - had the bonuses from BOTH Sentinel and Weaponmaster classes while the DS Exile only had the +3 dex from the Assassin class. Is that normal? Is it a game balance (AKA DS power owning so very bad) thing or...?


2 - My LS Exile hit mastery waaayy before his DS counterpart and sure as hell ended up with more "alignment" AND influence points... All potential Jedis have been turned in both games and they were on the highest end of their LS/DS spectrum. Yet, only during my DS game did all of my NPC Jedis have mastery. What's up with that?


Seriously, it just is somewhat ironic that the DS NPCs would get the Mastery while I didn't... and the exact opposite for the LS characters... Oh well, not as if it was much of an issue considering how easy the game was, but I'm just curious...

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you dont know if you become the sith marauder, you could change to light side and get other bonuses as well?? but i havent check it, because my marauders now on the way to light side, 3/4 or so, you could be "an evil jedi master" too!, but i dont know the bonuses, just try it if you're curious

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I got DS mastery and saw the bonus, but never tried to get any of my party to mastery so I can't comment on that.


But I was noticing this evening, that I now have Light mastery and two converted jedis who seem like they should have it (their bars are the same and I have max influence with them), but they do not - certainly no bonus.


I was assuming party members just don't get the mastery bonus, only Exile - but....*confused*...ah well.

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Sigh.  I thought I had been clear enough in the original post, but apparently not.  Here's the first question redux.


Question 1: DS prestige class doesn't get the "STARTING" class bonus while the LS prestige class did.  Is that normal?


You went DS consular/assasin so your bonuses are 50 BONUS force points (from being a DS consular) and +3 dexterity from being a DS assasin. If you had been a DS sentinel then assasin, it would have been +6 dexterity (though only +3 shows up at the top of the character portrait).


To correct your first post for DS mastery


DS Guardian/Sith Marauder: +1-8 dmg

DS Sentinel/Sith Assassin: +3 dex

DS Consular/Sith Lord: +50 FP


Do you understand now?


A consular/assasin would not get +3 wisdom and +3 dexterity if DS mastery.

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