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Stuck on Ravager

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Okay, knowing me I probibly am just blind but I need some help.


I am on the Raveger and Im kinda stuck :">


I have done everything there is to do (killed every sith on the station including Visa's old master) except placing the last bomb . The missle in the Maintenace Bay is telling me "This proton core is locked into its bay, and it cannot be removed. You will need to find an override console for the missle bay" I can tell it has the last proton but I just cant find a way to get to it. The only consles I can see are on the bridge and I cant get to them or to the people down there...


Like I said, Im probibly so blind I cant find it because I never seem to notice the obvious. I found a site that has a walkthrough for the entire game but it doesnt seem to tell me where to find the consle here and here are the pages I was looking at, It has a map of the area if it will help you to explain where the consle is....

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