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my Kotor 3 idea...

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i want to start off as a bad ass mothatrucker, who then can decide to either go light side or stay on the dark side. someone already afiliated with the sith. so that we could see the story from another perspective. in kotor 1 we start of, albeit loss of memory, on the light side. we follow revan together with the jedis. in kotor 2 we're sort of neutral and our party is varied, but we still follow the story through the "eyes" of the good side. we don't know why the sith are after us and we're talking to a bunch of jedis trying to figure what the other side wants.


i want to start of as a dark side guy, trying to figure out what the light side is doing....;)

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I like you n_n


But failing that at least the chance to FULLY become a member of the Dark Side. Rather than just be Sith or Dark Jedi and still have to continue to do things for the Jedi, to actually join "the other side" or something. That way we avoid the embarrassment of being called Jedi when we're obviously not <_<

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I like that idea almost as much as mine... We'll have to put our faith in the Devs, and boycott LA if they rush a deadline! I don't want to see this game in action (if already under Dev) until my B-Day next year!!! (Maybe summer...)



Geekified Star Wars Geek


Heart of the Force, Arm of the Force


"Only a Sith deals in absolutes!"

-Obi-wan to Anakin (NOT advocating Grey-Jedidom)


"The Force doesn't control people, Kreia controls people."

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