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A lot of questions

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don't read this unless you have finnished the game.





















1. Does handmaiden or anyone else ever want to talk about "what happened on dxun"?

2. How do you do to get into vogga's private chambers?

3. Is there any place where you can allways find a bronze crystal?


oh, not so many questions, but I might add a few later...

please answer any you know about.

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2. How do you do to get into vogga's private chambers?

If you mean the small room just across from his slugginess himself, yes:



You need a character with stealth to sneak up on the two guys in the flop house, who says something to the effect of, that you can't sneak up on them. It's sort of a hint, that you should sneak up on them (just like the two guys in the bar). They will then talk about Voggas Kath hounds and how to put them to sleep. Go talk to bar tender in bar and get some Juma Juice. Get Dancer job from twilek in bar. Once Vogga has fallen asleep, you can pour the juice in that watering jug thingy, the hounds will drink and you can help yourself to all the goodies on the other side of the door.




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I can answer the third question : no such place. all cristals are random. But you can save and reload before talking to a merchant who sells cristals until he/she has a bronze one. Try with the one in Dantoine just before the enclave.

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