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how do develop Bao Dur?

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I just finished the game using a Light Side character and now I started again with a Dark Side character. On my firs time through, I didn't use Bao Dur all that much and when I did I wasn't sure how to develop him. Some characters seem to lean towards ranged weaponry (mandalore) and others are more suited to melee combat (handmaiden). So how do others develop Bao Dur?

any suggestions/advice appreciated.

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Guest Damar Stiehl

If you're going to convert him, take him no further than level 10 Tech Specialist. That way he gains a decent amount of skill points prior to becoming a Jedi and still has at least 10 levels to progress as a Guardian.


He still gets very decent skill point gains as a Jedi. He's also not too shabby with a lightsabre, and he can perform his Shield Buster attack even when armed.

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thank you.

i knew which skills to develop, but i wasn't sure whether to steer him towards unarmed combat or ranged combat.


by the way, can only one npc be converted to jedi or several?

the first time i played, i could only get atton to convert.

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Well, ranged Mira can be pretty good, since she gets all those free ranged feats from her Scout levels. You can do some pretty sick damage with Precise Shot maxed.


As for Bao-Dur, I like him as a melee character. Even an unarmed character for most of the game, with his extra damage feats. Same for Handmaiden.

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