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The Exile Character

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Just checking here, I don't really intend to start a discussion (though you're free to discuss if you want of course).


Does anyone other than me find the exile rather... empty? I mean, Revan, even before I knew or suspected that you were Revan, felt like he had some sort of goal. Especially after you found out it was actually Revan. The exile never really gave me that feeling, (s)he simply seemed to, you know, float along in the story because (s)he had nothing better to do, with no real purpose. I can't really put my finger on why this is, but that's how it is for me.


Now, I don't intend to have another Revan vs Exile debate, I'm merely asking if it's just my imagination or if anyone else feel like there's something missing here.

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Revan was done for you in a way the only thing that interested me about it was how that revelation effected the character I had been playing upto that point of the game. The exile is as empty or as full as you make them while they have some background for the most part its unobtrusive and you have a 10 year gap to fill in the blanks.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Well in either game, you're being manipulated.


In KOTOR 1, the Jedi Council is manipulating you to discover the location of, and to destroy the Star Forge.


For the most part, the game was more of a Total Recall type situation, and because of that, I found the game to be rather cliche.


I don't really put a lot of stock in Revan's background because so many could have filled those shoes. Kavar for example, had the oppertunity and could have completely changed Revan's fate if he had.



KOTOR 2 puts you in a much more believable scenario and a more interesting character imo as far as background and consequences thereof goes. The premise is still the same, you're being manipulated by others, and like KOTOR, you're on a path of self discovery. Unlike KOTOR, you get the impression of having more control over molding your character since in KOTOR you were forced into being Revan. That's the problem with playing a celebrity. No matter what, you're locked into that storyline, for good or ill. The only real constant is, the illusion. But that illusion has a price, and in the end, when Revan's true fate is revealed, a lot aren't going to be happy.


Overall, KOTOR spoon fed you entirely too much. In KOTOR 2, you got to singlehandedly exterminate the Jedi Council, kills 3 Sith Lords, and destroy a notable True Sith stronghold. In the end, you had a lot more choice on WHO you were, and what direction you wanted to take to effect the course of the story. Not to mention the actual depth of the story. There are so many more layers to the KOTOR 2 story, that the KOTOR 1 story looks extremely shallow in comparison.


By far and large, as the Exile, you accomplish what Revan failed to do. You also have a unique gift that Revan doesn't, because he was "delayed" when you had Bao Dur push the button and blow up Malachor V the first time (because he'd have died like the others.) How much more could ya ask for?



Most importantly, I never once felt sorry for Revan. But I actually could feel sorry for all the pain and suffering that the Exile endured, because the Exile seemed more human to me.


People get too enamored with being a "Dark Lord of the Sith" (which you can become *THE* Dark Lord of the Sith in KOTOR 2 with your own cadre of followers that you've trained throughout the corse of the game to boot) and the whole Revan armor thing, but hey, looks and cool factor don't amount to much except what you describe. Shallowness. :thumbsup:



Besides, Mandalore wins the total coolness points for his entrance on the Ravager


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I agree with KungFuFerret, and would add that when playing through KotOR, I never really felt that Revan was entirely my own character. I was playing someone of such obvious greatness and reputation that I couldn't seem to escape my own character's past.


With the Exile, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself the reasons the Exile went to war and fought.

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I agree with KungFuFerret too


probably KOTOR1 had a more "important" motivation that seemed to give a more clear path... find the starmaps to save the galaxy


while TSL have a more pesronal one... find the master to know who you are.


also in TSL you can't do too much for your enemies, they are hidden for most of the time and you have no clue how to defeat them.


the end of KOTOR was quite closed and evident, you save or rule the galaxy, while in TSL is more subtle as you learn to know yourself and leave to join Revan.



I think that these things made KOTOR1 not better, but generally clearere, you have an important and defined goal, you end with savind or conquering the galaxy and so on, while for the exile most of the goal and the story is about himself, is also true that you save the galaxy but even that seem quite collateral to your enlightment.



Then as said i agree with KungFuFerret and i really like the Exile and TSL with its deep and complex story.

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