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Last day before the forums are closed...

Child of Flame

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There was also the cryptic statement:  "I just need to get the natives to quiet down a bit, so things stop spilling over out of the forum."




What exactly is this supposed to mean?


My guess:


The articles on Slashdot, Gamespy, Evil Avatar, theforce.net, ect. ect.


Regardless of whether the dialog file was left in intentionally or not, Obsidian allowed 666 posts (creepy, eh?) in the "cut ending" thread. They allowed, on their forum, an awful lot of publisher-bashing, which doesn't bode well for future contracts. The news was also so big that it caught onto those other sites. Every game site worth its salt has a take on this and I have yet to see one that reflects well on LA. Hell, even Tycho from Penny Arcade linked to that thread and HE got it from Evil Avatar.


Obsidian would be a lot happier if we had kept the lid on this; they don't want to garner a reputation as some sort of rebel developer that dumps the blame on the publisher whenever things start going wrong (even if it IS the publisher's fault, this isn't a good idea for a fledgling company, even one with a built-in fanbase).

baby, take off your beret

everyone's a critic and most people are DJs

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That last post.... unbelievable. All the conspiracy B.S. that has followed Interplay (and Obsidian) through the last few years has been unreal. It's like a nancy drew mystery.


How JE's polemical skills serve as a model for others to follow and make great games is also unclear. To get a job yes... to make a decent game?


Shut the boards down. All the NWN2 guys are where they should be: the Bio boards.

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At the moment, owing to the fact that admin has removed the Closure Announcement, I think it is hopefully indicative that we have enjoyed a reprieve. Thanks for the energy that I hope has translated into the community's survival.





The universe is change;
your life is what our thoughts make it
- Marcus Aurelius (161)


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