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KOTOR II comments.

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Anyways here is (the totally unedited comment list from gameplay).


by Mundo, 27 February 2005

"As far a star wars go this improves on the original in almost all aspects great for fans but still rewarding as an rpg in it`s own right"


by sean, 21 February 2005

"great game - great story, great battle system. i like how your actions reflect on you and the freedom is great too"


by Carlito, 20 February 2005

"Possible the most thrilling and fantastic LucasArts game to date. 10/10"


by Carlito, 20 February 2005

"Music 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Sound 10/10 Graphics 10/10 Controlls 10/10 Weapons 10/10 Possibly the most fantastic and enjoyable LucasArts game of all time."


by wardy123, 19 February 2005

"This game is a must buy for everyone who has an Xbox, Utter Brilliance!!! - 10/10"


by marc, 19 February 2005

"This game is just sheer class!! it takes over your life.... get it! 10/10"


by John, 17 February 2005

"The most fanstastic gaming experience of my life. Out of this world !! LOL Fantastatic storyline again. 10/10 You have to have this game. Bring on KOTOR 3"


by William Gowdy, 17 February 2005

"I have nearly completed this game and I cant say it was rubbish.It is truly one of the best games you will buy in your life time. Truly 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


by Master strike, 17 February 2005

"amazing game, graphics are cool. gameplay cool, tools cool, weapons cool 10/10"


by fuzz, 17 February 2005

"minted the best game ever"


by Steffan Griffiths, 17 February 2005

"The highly anticipated sequel to the 2003 Game of the Year, KOTOR 2 surpasses expectations. The play style is the same as before, and has the same freedom and karma."


by daniel , 17 February 2005

"This is one of the best games I have ever played it is a must have ! 10/10"


by franky, 16 February 2005

"I fould this game far too like the first one, graphics are the same and so are some of the characters, but still an amazing game"


by Tom Hurst, 16 February 2005

"How sequels should be made , not as good as the 1st but still an amzing game buy it now"


by Jake Gordon, 13 February 2005

"Excellent game, as good as the first, if not better. No downloadable content though."


by Arran, 12 February 2005

"This game is great better than the first one if you don`t have this game then get it and if you don`t have this or the first get them!"


PC Version.


by Steve, 26 February 2005

"Kotor 2 is brilliant. The story is darker and has more depth than Kotor 1. Best RPG for a long time."


by Tom Lewis, 23 February 2005

"Its a great and addictive game, sadly it lacks the indepth story line and go`s back to the planet hopping situation from the first one, but better combat and abilities!"


by symphara, 22 February 2005

"The game is pretty good, however riddled with bugs and frequent crashes. Check the LucasArts foums before buying!"


by polo, 20 February 2005

"great game there is so much you can do"


by Rondoggle, 19 February 2005

"Imagine KOTOR as a Subaru Impreza. Now KOTOR 2 is a 5 litre turbo added in the engine to givce max performance. Superb."


by Drew Sebastapol, 19 February 2005

"Brilliant game. Darker more interesting story than the first by far. A must have for fans of Star wars and for anyone who likes a good CRPG."


by GURU, 19 February 2005



by Peter, 16 February 2005

"If you liked the first game, you`ll love this one. A deeper story with enhanced combat, and the ability to influence your party. Life-consuming brilliance."


by The dude master, 13 February 2005

"DUDE! the name says it all! this is the best star wars game EVER!!!!!! 10/10"


( I added the totally unedited bit because I didnt want anyone to think I edited out the negative stuff). It was just there is none...

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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