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Handmaiden influence Bug

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Its first i thought it was nothing but now i am 100% sure its a bug she alignment keeps whiching back to neutral despite the no events or situations that might inflict such, ive tried to turn her DS but pretty hard when on several occassions get neutral alingment reset despite we are in no situations or dialogue, and no it is not the corruption effect a prestige class because i had problem prior to even having the prestige class, i at times could save game having Handmaiden a good piece down in red in side parameter, then when i load game its all the sudden neutral again before having done anything aside from loading please fix this bug in a patch as i would love having DS handmaiden because she is way to bad :wub:


I dont know reason for it but my guesses is its due to something along side opposite alignment turnings, possible the resistance against corruption effect may tricker some kind of bugs, anyway hope it will be looked into.


If anyone know anything or had same problem please let me know.

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I don't think that this bug of reassigning values is restricted to the character alignment. I was around level 10, as a Jedi Guardian and in a fight that was extremely difficult for some reason, and I have already been through the game once and knew what to expect. I was missing with almost every attack, and taking obscene amounts of damage. I got the level up and when I went to level up I saw that all of my attributes had been reset to 8, and my skills had been set to zero, and to top it off, my vitality and force points were practically nothing. I saved the game and reloaded to find that the problem had been fixed by restarting the game, but that was the hardest battle I had ever fought in Kotor.


I think that when they do the patch that they should check into this. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, because I don't have a lot of time to check the boards, but I thought I would mention it since the problem seems to fit with the previous post. In general, values are being reset and this is causing problems with numerous aspects of gameplay.

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