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I finished DS...

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I've just finished my second run of KOTOR2 I did DS Male and boy let me tell you... I didn't get it. So I killed Kreia at the end... so what. I was really disappointed.


I replayed several times trying to get some other ending but no. You push Kreia off and that is it. Cutscene to the planet and a galaxy.


In a couple of replays I got a future glimpse on my companions but that is it. No galaxy to fight/conquer, no army bowing down before me, no other task to complete. Not even a lover to go back to. Very unfullfiling.


In another replay I got some comments about going where Revan is and fight... Why exactly would I do that? I am a Dark Lord, not some hero going to rescue the Republic...


I tried to imagine myself after I push Kreia off. You are still alone (you leave all of your companions and this is not an option). You have no ship. And no task...


No conclusion just like this post. Very annoying.

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i just completed it for the first time.VERY DISSAPOINTED.

i dident even get to choose a second jedi proff(i wanted sith assasin)

1st 1 was loads better ,it seems like i hardly used any other chars on this:(


you wait ages for a game to come out and when you get it you play through and it feels like its just getting started and then it finishes.as i said b4 VERY DISSAPOINTING:(

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I played through it just once, finishing last weekend. My disappointment in the game's "incompleteness" has led me to refuse to play it again until some skilled modder can develop some kind of overhaul mod that will give the game a much better sense of cohesiveness that fills in all the plot holes.


I would much prefer the developers at Obsidian to be the ones to "tidy" up their game with the release of a content patch; but from what I've come to understand, LucasArts has the only say in whether or not that will happen, and it doesn't look like they have any interest in doing so (LucasArts has made a ton of money from this game riding on the coattails of the first game's success, so reinvesting in Obsidian to bring this game to a much higher state of finish would probably be a waste of money in their eyes--and that's a shame).

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