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Enclave Courtyard despises me

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Long story short:


Attempting to load the Enclave Courtyard level for me always results in a crash (as in, computer borks out and resets). I don't think I can even actually get to the loading screen for the level. I literally walk to the edge of the adjoining level and BAM computer resets. I've had level loading problems before, but they were always resolvable. This one doesn't seem to be.



System stats

AMD Athlon XP (Barton) 3200 (@2.2Ghz)

ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (256mb)

1GB Infineon DDR RAM (2x512)

Nvidia NForce 2 mobo/integrated sound [M7NCD Pro]







Omega 2.6.05a

Have tried: Catalyst 5.2, 4.11



Nvidia NForce 6.14.460.0

Have tried: Some older version that I didn't record



What's the likely culprit here? I don't think it's memory, as when that happens I get the lovely error message "Blahblahblah at address 0xblahblahblah." I've tried updating/downgrading my video card drivers, but it hasn't made a difference. I've also updated sound drivers to no avail. Is it possible my computer mistakes the words "Enclave Courtyard" as "EXECUTE_ACTION: PISS_OFF_USER"? Does my computer/graphics card/phallus overheat consistently when attempting to load the level? Is my level possible corrupted/how would I find out? Did I commit a cardinal sin by putting an ATI card into an NVidia mobo? Has this happened consistently to anyone else?


Stuff already tried:

Changing graphics drivers (see above)

Updating sound drivers

Bashing head into wall repeatedly

Messing around with every possible graphics/sound/whatever option ingame

Ditching party memebers

Making sacrifices of young poodles

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I'd make sure you have a strong power supply. Any thing under 400 watts now a days with these faster systems is just not good enough.

(Dual-Boot)Windows XP Pro (32 - Bit) SP3 & Windows Vista Ultimate (SP 1) 64 Bit | Intel Dual Core 2 Quad 6600 @ 2.4 Ghz | 8 GB Corsair DDR 3 Ram 1600 mhz | GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB PCI Express X 3 SLI enabled | NVidia Forceware Drivers 181.22| EVGA nForce 790I-SLI Ultra MOBO | Thermalake 850 Watt PWR |

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