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Missing party members bug(spoilers)

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I finished fighting Atris,went to Citadel Station talked to Grenn and quick saved.

On the load screen where it shows your party members it showed Atton and my main,but when I loaded it Atton was gone,and all of my party members on my party screen were gone too.Above my characters portrait inparty screen it said:I am broken so very very broken. The game freezes when i try to go to another apartmen module or add non-existant party members to my party.

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Did you try loading an earlier save to see if this glitch happens again? If it does not, then it's likly the save became corrupt in some way (and if that's the case I'd delete the current quicksave file). (edit) If your last 'hard save' was planets and moons ago....well....ahem...never rely on the QuickSave for too long in this buggy game.


If it's a reproduceable glitch then I have no clue how one might get around it. Sounds pretty bad.

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Another "Broken" glitch? Is this the default message in some form of switch statement???


It is the message that appears when one of your party members is dead, I believe. Of course, your party members don't die like they might in the original version, so the message is not normally seen.

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