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problem attacking chosen enemy


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Hey all.

I have my game set to pause every time I enter combat. Everything was fine while I was solo'ing, and had no party members. As soon as I received two party members, the following happens:


- I enter combat, game pauses

- An enemy is selected for me

- I click cancel combat

- I select a different enemy

- I choose a force power or a type of attack

- I unpause

- my character attacks some enemy i didn't even target, with an attack/a power i didn't select


This has been happening since I got my party members. Before them, everything was fine, my character would attack the target I want with the attack/power I want. Has anyone experienced this? Can it be fixed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I've had this happen too. Not everytime, but often. My character will attack what I choose sometimes, and whatever the hell he feels like the rest of the time. It's pretty annoying. It's really bad when I'm trying to have one person recover some mines, and he keeps getting up and attacking the enemies around him, running right through the mine and setting it off. When I tell my characters to stay ranged, they run up right next to the enemy and start firing. Thank you idiots.

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This happened all the time.

I hope the patch corrects this, because it is the most annoying (and I think the most simple to correct) bug of the game.

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i do not have this prob, but something similar. what do i is this: if my char do not atack with an atack that i want i start runing so all atcks goes away and then select a new one. this works all the time for me.


edit: the reason u still atack an enemy that u don't want to is becouse your shar still have a previuse order in memmory. as sayd before wqalk, run and then do your atacks.

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