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Softnerd you are obviously 14 year old troll but I will clarify my post for you.


I never said I could not play the game just fine. I am a programmer so I know computers well enough. I do not have any real problem except the "glow" effect. I notice a fps drop between different drivers and other small bugs like a line drawn in the middle of some NPCs heads etc. The bugs are there and they are NOT fixed by your general solution to use catalyst 4.11.


Speaking of lies. You did not tell the whole truth and that is a lie no matter how sarcastic you are in your reply.

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Developing a game for PC requires a lot of QA work and it's hell to get it to work on everything. But guess what, a lot of developers out there manages to do that just fine. Having a game that works well on most systems isn't supposed to be some kind of bonus if you're lucky. It's required, no matter how much work it is. And no matter how much you look at it, Sith Lords has more bugs than it should have.

And it's not just the technical problems. There are scripting bugs, AI bugs etc. Are you going to say that it's impossible to get those things right as well?


I won't join the "I hate Obsidian more than anything" gang, as I think the game has more good sides than bad sides. But I don't think you should just let them get by with everything. I don't care if Lucas Arts is the devil itself and made them release the game before they wanted. Obsidian is the developer and is responsible for the code in the game. But then again, this is the people that used to work at Black Isle, so I guess I should have waited a few months before I bougt the game...


Not that I don't think Lucas Arts is most to blame though. I truly despise them for what they did (and combining that with all the crap Star Wars stuff they've tried to fool us with,even if the trend isn't half bad nowdays), they're not exactly my favourite publisher.

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...  perhaps one day obsidian and their publishers will have more of an id/activision relationship, and be able to have 'when its done' release dates...


Developers like ID, 3D Realms, Epic... etc, that release "when its done" arent normal developers. They are very rich and do not have to rely on money from distributers to fund developement. Like 99 percent of developers dont have this luxury... and thats a big reason why those few companies release better games and are able to provide endless patches...


... if that makes any sense ...


But I think Obsidian did a good job on this title... I just hope NWN2 isnt rushed.

o:) The Infamous Tonberry will return! :devil:

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The 4.11 Catalyst version will NOT fix all the issues related to problems with ATI graphics cards. You should check your facts before posting lies. In my case I have tried version 4.2, 4.3, 4.11, 5.1, 5.2 with different bugs for each version. 4.2 and 4.3 has glow but crashes after a movie. The rest has no glow and other issues like worse fps in some cases. The list goes on and on and other people can not even run the game with any driver.




Lies!?! <laughing> Don't you think that's a bit melodramatic, child? A fix is not necessarily a fix for everyone, son. The vast majority of people who were actually having video driver problems who have tried this have had much success. I've played through the game twice with not even a hiccup with a Radeon 9800 Pro. Did you consider that this fix will not work with your particular crappy card? Did you consider that your problems might not even be your video driver? No, the saber 'glow' does not work with most ATI drivers. It's sad, I know. Let's all take a moment to cry about it. This fix works with most of the mainstream ATI cards. I'm sorry if it doesn't work for you. That doesn't make it, <laughing again> LIES!!! Please grow up a bit before posting........LIES!!! :(


I don't agree with you... For some Ati users it works, that's correct... I myself have had no problems at all with my Ati card. But there are a lot of people on this (and other) forum that can't get the game to work at all, no matter which driver version is used. That means IMO that the QA work isn't done correctly.

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