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58 of the 65 Movies Unlocked

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Yeah, I was wondering that too. I'm guessing the other 17 come from talking to your party members about their pasts (Kreia, Atton, HK and Mandalore in particular since they're the only ones I didn't gain full influence with my first time playing.)

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There is one movie about Kreia's past, the one where Nihilus drained her powers and Sion gave her a good beating.


Also the intros (Lucas Logo, Obsidian, etc...) are counted as movies, although I don't recall seeing them in the list. But some of the missing might be part of the "unfinished" stuff still present on the CDs

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There is a tool you can download to see the movies. Do a Google search for Bink and Smack, which are developer's tools for making movies that include a free viewer for movies with a "blk" file extension.


Also, if you have XP you can run the "find file extension" or something or other tool to find the appropriate site. I had to do this to see several movies that would not show on my computer for some reason, they were audio only.

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The missing 7 movies may be residue from the droid planet or similar things that were cut from the final version.

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Yes, and for some reason the game does not activate/unlock certain ones in that quest, for example, the minefield scene. I expect that is because the trigger for it is either misplaced, incomplete, absent alltogether, or any combination thereof. Yet another quest bug, but in this case, I didn't miss anything for the aforementioned reasons.


Oddly enough, both the Visas Marr's Introduction and Kreia's Fall movies did the same thing. Total immersion-killer, as we say in the simulations racket.

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Yeah there are alot of movies about the defens/sabotage at khoonda.  I watched all the movies in the movie folder and there were alot respecting the khoonda quest.


I've only played one game of K2 but seeing how the Khoonda movies were in the list, I would assume there are 2 movies for every event:

- no mines, yes mines

- turrets on, turrets off

- ? pep talk success (more people die in the shoot out movie)

- ? people sneaking in side door

- ? You helping the mercs


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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I've tried all possibilities (on Khoonda assault) and found these (movies):


Mines active (logical when you see this one (placed more mines, not with only the standard mines))

Turrets active (also logical)

Turrets sabotaged (obvious, need to be mercenary for this one)

Mines cleared (obvious)

The assault (same, not depending on your actions)


That's all...

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