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I have the same problem but against Vrook! He is very annoying as he heals himself whenever he is nearly dead!


Use the same strategies against Vrook as with Ell. Energy Shields help a lot. Keep one eye on your health bar so that you can use medpacs and Life-Supports when you get low. If your DS, use Force Kill (if you have it); it tears the Jedi Masters apart. If you're LS, use Stat-Boosting Force powers.

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Do the cheapo strategy. It made all of the fights extremely easy for me. Use an Echani shield, energy I think, and then run around, using the best stance (I used Force Potency because of my style) and use the Throw Lightsaber power, if you have it. Just run around and hide behind things, even against Kai-Ell (sp?).


Just keep running around in circles, never stopping long enough for them to lay a hit. When they're weakened, reactivate your shield(s) and step up to finish. It gets easier the longer you play into the game, especially at the end.

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