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Vertex Buffer Objects

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I have an ATI 9800 Pro, and while the game has been quite stable for me, Dantooine was unplayable until I disable Vertex Buffer Objects, as has been suggested both here and by LA.


Oddly enough, I am replaying KOTOR 1 and have the *same* problem on Dantooine. I hadn't had that problem the first time because I had a GeForce4 Ti4400 then.


My question is: in addition to making the game playable, what does disabling VBOs do? Does it make the game uglier? Disable some nice effects?


Just curious... :o

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I've seen no visual differences either way. I've been very curious what the option does as well, but the fact that it affects performance without having a visible effect means that it's probably an optimized way of drawing the screen. And trying a broken method is slower than not trying at all.

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