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thoughts of KotoR2

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Ok, just a couple of thoughts about the game.


Story / Dialog: I really liked the story, reminded me of FO2 and PST. Like most other people posting on the forum I did not particularly like the ending. I think it was shallow. The dialog was good, not smashing but good. What I do not like is that several dialogues was still available even after

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Over all I really liked it. I had some very odd behavior with graphics but I have an ATI card and if I changed the Antialiasing or Anisotropic filtering levels then changed them back it all went well until the next graphical glitch. The regularity of the glitches changed with each driver update, whether it be from ATI or MS.


I found a lot of "bugs" that people pointing out to be more of a missed or undiscovered plot point than anything real. There are definitely bugs there but they are truely very, very minor in the big scheme of things.


The more I go through the game the more I find out about the "unfinished or rushed" story.



As far as I can see Keira is trying to destroy everyones contact with the force because then there will be no one with more power than the next person. Because of the mass destruction and loss of life the Exile caused on Malachor V, it made a massive reverberation in the Force that was so great that anyone that survived and was Force sensitive basically went nuts or unconsiously cut themselves off from the Force to avoid the mass trauma.


The fact that the Exile cut themselves off from the Force interested Keira because she couldn't concieve why anyone would turn away from the power that the Force offered. So she hooked up with the Exile to find out why. That's basically where the games starts.


Then depending on how you go through the game all sorts of diferent insights come in to play. Rationale changes depending on what choices you make but I think ultimately the story is focused around Keira. She was certainly the key to understanding what was going on for me.




There are a lot of things going on and it's hard to get a grip of them all and put them into context. I think if anything the full story line was maybe a little too detailed and complex and a lot was missed by those that just wanted to have some light fun. If you want to spend the time though you can get a fair bit out of what is going on. You have to try a lot of diferent approaches, ie responses and levels of Dark / Light side, to get the full picture.


Overall I found it to be very enjoyable and involved. It was close to PS:T for me but some of the bits you really had to dig for rather than have them baited out for you.


That's just me though, I'm a little strange like that sometimes. ;)

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I just finished the game for the first time, as a LS sentinnel on normal level. I liked the story and particularly the voice-acting for Kreia. I liked alot of the new feats and powers. And I really liked some of the NPCs.


With that said, though, I have to admit that I probably won't be replaying the game much. About the last 1/4 of the game was just too linear. No choice in where to go, what party members to take, etc. Too many plot lines left unfinished.


Also, a final gripe, and one I had with KOTOR 1 as well. Why are the romances for male PCs so much more elaborate than for female? My husband played a male character and had 2 NPCs declaring their love--my character just had a couple of guys occasionally quarreling about her looks...

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Kotor 2 has intresting characters - not as good as bastila and jolee from KOTOR 1 but still great :lol: - brilliant plot - MUCH better then the one in KOTOR 1 - , pretty good graphics - for a RPG game they are outstanding(at least for me) - and a *horiible* ending. So for me it's










6/10 - counting the ending


9/10 - not counting the ending

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