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FIX FOR ATI Catalyst Driver problems

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This has been posted in some form before, but here are some organized instructions for fixing this. Sooo many people post questions about this problem, it would be great to get a sticky on this... -_-


KOTOR2 was QA tested using the Catalyst 4.11 drivers for ATI Radeon cards. Newer and older versions of the drivers cause problems. Since it

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The tech support doc that comes with the game says they recommend Cat5.1 so maybe that's the best one to use? I haven't had too many problems with it and didn't see a difference between 5.1 and 4.11.


I was using 5.1 until I got to Dantooine and ran into the severe lag problem. Using the 4.11 OpenGL driver fixed it. I'm just going by my experience and that of several other people.

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Like I posted in the other thread, this is for XP only. 98/ME drivers have a different DLL structure -- not sure what the equivalent file would be.



Thanks. Forgot to mention that. Someone on another forum also said this worked on his system (it didn't work for me, tho):



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when i was using 4.11 i never got any crashes unless it was my fault (editing the .2da files too much, if you get the drift).


Otherwise it was crashless and sorta smooth, except for specific points in the game.


Peragus Mining area (slows down when you just look at the rock. :/)


Malacor V or whatever it is spelt, the first part, untill you go into the 2nd area of the planet is extremely slow in all directions.


Its weird, if they recommend 5.1, you would think they would have encountered the slowdown. lol


Unless they just did this:


Step 1: Click start new game


Step 2: create character, then click play


Step 3: move around the room as the droid during the Prologue


Results: It works fine




but i am glad they are working on a patch, i just hope it fixes some of the bugs like the Speeder racing mini-game along with the unexplained slowdowns.


I understand you will get slowdowns in high activity areas, but staring at a piece of rock is not high activity. if you know what i mean.


but the problem with this plan is you won't get the full effects from the 'Frame Buffer' graphic setting.


But lately, i have been unable to get the game past the (a long time ago movie) with 4.11 drivers with 4.3 open-gl .dll file. (for the neat glow effects) (it just goes to the black screen with the sound and thats it)


I will try the 5.1 drivers with it.

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