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I've been playing it on my laptop. I have a Sony Vaio GRT170. It has a P4 2.8GHz 768MB memory and a GeForce 5600Go w.64MB of video memory. I have a few problems. I get occasional slowdowns and I get stuttering sound sometimes but other than that it runs fairly OK. I use the following settings:


Resolution: 1024x768

Music: Turned off

Software sound



Also I should mention that the keyboard is inadequate for Swoop Racing. This was discovered with KOTOR and I suspect it is the same now. At that time it was impossible to win because it seemed that the key strokes would not take effect fast enough. Fortunately, it is not necessary to Swoop race this time. I admit there are times I am tempted to turn down the resolution but I've been sticking it out at 1024x768. I suspect in most cases 64MB of frame buffer memory would be OK, however, my AGP aperture size is fixed in the system bios at 64MB so that is a real drawback.



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Well I am spoiled with a top of the line "Desktop Replacement Laptop" So I run KOTOR 2 with no slowdowns at 1280x1024 with everything at high textures. I do 4AA Antialiasing, and Antistropy at 2xs I think. So yes it runs on a laptop.



ECS-736 Laptop

Dual 3Ghz Processors


60Gb HDD


WINLonghorn 4074beta

ATI Radeon 9600 128Mb VRAM ( I did have problems at first with this card but I used the DNA3652 drivers and now the game runs perfect on my laptop)

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Both of those are pretty high-end laptops. Most people who have been posting have laptops with older graphics chipsets. And KOTOR 2 runs very unstable on chipsets without the right OpenGL support, if at all. I wish they'd code some fallback paths into the graphics engine, but I doubt it will happen for KOTOR 2. Maybe in KOTOR 3.

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