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I would like to say

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I'll second that.


I had some bugs and graphics trouble at first, particularly when I hit Dantooine, but managed to clear all that up by following suggestions in various ATI threads (disabled vertex buffer objects, reinstalled directX9c, upgraded to Catalyst 5.2 drivers).


Having just completed my first run through, I can say that I'm very pleased with the writing overall and especially with the consistency and distinctiveness of the characters. The quests were mostly good too, and compared favorably with the first KotOR. At the end, things did fall off a bit, but my first run-through was darkside, so I'm holding off final judgement until I finish a lightside run. The writing is even more impressive given the compacted time frame the developers had.


I went through KotOR twice, but I can see myself going through K2 even more times because the party interactions and possibilities seem more varied, not to mention the additional Prestige classes. I don't like the one-BAB-fits-all of KotOR 2, though, and I wish the hinted romances were more fleshed out (no pun intended).

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The game has its pros and cons, unfortunately most of the cons are new problems. I'd say that the dialog/story is superior but the random loot, rapid leveling, and easy combat is a step back. I also didn't like the many times you control NPCs. Sorry, but am I playing *my* character or the entire group?


The ending is the least of my worries. I expected something like this ever since the 'Empire' feel was mentioned. It clearly suffered from numerous cuts though.

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