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The current ending is not postiive or negative

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The current ending is neither postivie nor negative. It's just incomplete. It doesn't really show what happens to do your companions, it doesn't really give you a chance to have one last convo's with them, and it certainly feels that you just run off after Revean, regardless if you companions are dead or alive.


If LUCASARTS had intended and wanted a postivie ending without a doubt, and would not have it any other way, couldn't they instead of the nixed ending, where Bao-Dur is either dead or trapped, Atton turns on you, or dies, and the Handmaiden betrays you, couldn't they have had all your companions (ones that are available anyway) find some way to stand united, behind you and for you? And couldn't they have a celebration ceremony somewhere, just like KOTOR1? This still works with the Exile leaving hiis/her companions behind, if they didn't find out.


Now THAT's a postive ending. Not that the ending I want, but a complete, and positive ending. I would have been satisfiied.


This either means LA was pressuiring OE to rush, or OE ran out of time. You can't really say OE didn't use their time well; this was one of the best RPG's I have played. That said, either way, LA didn't give them enough time to finish the game, and the only explanation for the incomplete ending was because LA did not allow enough time for OE to make an ending, positive or negative, and if they since endings are important,, I doubt it would have slipped under LA's radar that OE was planning a dark eniding in the first place. So, if they nixed the dark ending, I doubt it was because LA didn't approve it; now I believe LA simply did not wisht to give OE the time to completel it. IF LA had wanted a postive endiing without a doubt,, they would have probably said something during early development.

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The dialogue files that have been put up here on the boards aren't necessarily complete. They're just what was still on the game disks. For all we know, that ending is just the darkside ending and there was more planned for the lightside. At least, I'd like to hope that was the case, kind of a downer if your LS ending party gets whacked. In fact, that kind of choice is what you see throughout the game, DS this way, LS that way. The bottom line though is, a lot was left out, LS or DS.

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