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new Vid card

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I figured I got to all you guys/glas out here that KNOW a heck of a lot about video cards. I plan on going out and getting new one tomorrow cuz I am obsessed w/ getting this darn game to run and my vid. card just wont cut it right now.


can any of you tell me whats worth the money and easy to find (like at say...best buy, or COMPUSA) for under 40 or 50 dollars that WILL allow this dang game to play?????


gimmiw some names...anything.....


Thank guys....

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ha, -50 bucks? are you joking?


btw, no offense ment it's just funny, I mean the game costs 50 bucks it's self, it's a game, do you seriously think that you can buy a video card that will "run" this game is going to be anywhere near the same price? Technically, if you're lucky you "could" find one for 50-100 bucks that hypothetically "may" work, but don't push your luck. You are better off getting one off newegg.com or some other online (not retail) store, I assure you that it is possible to get a mediocre g-card for about half the price online than BB, I should see if this game'll run on my parent's pc, they have a 5200. I built the pc for them, so it "should" work, but as most of us know, this game wasn't made well...

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50 bucks? That's a pretty tough number to meet these days.


For 50 bucks I'd expect you'd probably be able to find an Nvidia GeForce 4 model card, Normally I'd say to avoid the MX models, but at 50$ you're going to have to take whatever you can get.


Stick with Nvidia, ATI's have *way* too many driver issues. Not a game gets released without the forums filling with complaints from ATI users. Often it's just little issues like some graphic feature or another not working, other times it's outright crashes. OTOH, in the last 4 years Warcraft 3 was the only game I saw that gave Nvidia's fits and even that was only on certain steppings of the early GeForce 2 chips.

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Since you're looking for a good card at a low price, I suggest looking tor a last-generation performance card. A Geforce 4 Ti 4400/4600 or a Radeon 9800 Pro perhaps. Both of these will run KOTOR 1 brilliantly and should be fine for KOTOR 2.


Or you could go for a modern low-end card: A Geforce 5200 (is there a 6x00 series low-end card yet?) or a Radeon 9200 (no AGP low-end Xx00 cards either.)


I hate to say it, but I cannot recommend a card from any other company for gaming right now. 2D office work or 3D art professionals, sure. But for games it has to be nVidia or ATI.

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Personally, I prefer ATI, but at the low end there won't be too much difference. NVidia cards are generally better with OpenGL, so for games like KotoR NVidia is more reliable.


NewEgg quotes $50 for a FX 5200.


(Meant to send you that savegame, eric, but my main PC's had a network failure of some kind.)

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