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How do I get my lightsaber?

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answer is simple, you don't. at least until you meet her in the end and whack her.. then you grab your saber


the lightsaber quest is suppose to be the one where you hunt down pieces of a lightsaber to assemble a new one for yourself. ask bao-dur (guy with horns) for more information on what parts you need... if you hit telos an dantooine you should have enuf parts to build one...


BTW.. lightsaber "upgrade" parts are not the same as lightsaber parts.

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I've got a lightsaber. I just wanted that one because it's Viridian. I like that one. The one I've got now is crappy orange.


In my game, the female Rodian merchant on Nar Shadaa (the one involved in the trade war quest), sold a veridian crystal after opening up the trade routes for her (Onderon and Dantooine I think).

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