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I've got lots of influence with Disciple and turned him into a Jedi. When I ask him something about hating the Jedi I get an Influence: Failed response, but I can't seem to gain any more influence with him. When I take him to some of the places where he would normally gain influence, either he does nothing, or one time I got the message Influence Gained: Handmaiden!


Is there a bug stopping me gaining influence, or is there no way to unlock the next level of conversation with him?

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I have the same problem with HAndmaiden and she has mastery as I do and savegame editor says I have 100 influence..wtill fail the "What do you think of Atris" question..NOT that "What did Atris say about me"

Weird...I guess your problem with Atton may be in the same situation..either material cut OR really short testing time :ermm:

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