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kotor 3

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Tons of KOTOR 3 threads floating around, but all of 'em keep on relying on making some new planets that keep in the republic and wanna explain KOTOR 2. Well, what if we didn't? What if KOTOR 3 was just something actually set apart from the others, in it's own period? I mean, sure, KOTOR 2 had it's own set of characters, but it sought to try and add more mysticism by creating more mysteries, and then didn't solve them. My point, is that why can't we have a KOTOR 3 that has a real war? I'm not talking a bunch of taking on a couple of starships here and there, I'm talking about an opening sequence that has an actual war field, with like millions of guys shooting it out, with jedis holding the front lines. Just imagine seeing all of those blue and red sabers clashing every second, one flickering out to signify a death every other second or two. Why not have a KOTOR where we have someone that has an enemy that is not only tough as nails, cruelest b@**** alive,, but has a human side? I'm looking at alot of other games that aren't RPG, and they have more fleshed out story lines, yet they rely little on story and more on just hacking and slashing (legend of zelda ocarina of time for example, great game, and it can't be classified in the RPG section because of the fact that link never spoke, and yet still had a compelling story line) And can't we show the dark side of the light side? There were tons of instances where Kreia kept on talking about how doing the right thing isn't always the right thing, but can't the right thing always be right, and the righteous be wrong? How much of a surprise would it be if some yoda like figure was able to let down everyone because he went mad with power and started killing anyone that aligned themselves with the sith, man woman and child? Or how about having a KOTOR where you actually see a sith corrupted guy, not someone that is a sith, but someone who has gone so much into becoming a sith, that the dark side has completley destroyed and contorted his face and figure into something unholy and pure evil? Why can't we have a KOTOR where the enemies aren't dumb as dirt?


^^^^ Just a bunch of questions that reflect my anger with the way video games have gone today

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Has there ever been a computer game that really showed the horror of war? Or attempted to? I'm thinking of the opening half an hour of Saving Private Ryan, and how distressing that was to see. Even if you could achieve a similar effect in a computer game, would you want to? Could you go on through the game happily dispatching opponent after opponent?


Besides, it would get an adult-only rating (in countries where it wasn't banned outright!). No money to be made there.

"An electric puddle is not what I need right now." (Nina Kalenkov)

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