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Attribute Score Interpretation

Guest Damar Stiehl

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Guest Damar Stiehl

I wrote this back during KOTOR1 days, maybe you'll like it.






1-7: Wimp Either due to a birth defect or a debilitating illness, you have almost no muscle mass. Old ladies beat you in arm-wrestling matches, and carrying anything heavier than a bag of groceries presents a serious challenge. You should go to great lengths to stay away from anything remotely involving physical confrontation.


8-9:Weak Your parents must have taught you that physical exercise is the greatest form of evil, because you avoid it at any cost. Your muscles aren

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And I thought I had a lot of time on my hands. :(:blink::blink:

Just because you're a bit thinner than your even fatter mum it doesn't mean you're in excellent physical shape, if you could fit through the door and view the normal people you'd notice that cheeseburger boy. Squid suck.

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