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Sell back KOTOR: II


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It been a week since I played it and I finished it today. Im redoing as a darkside. From what I heard the ending never really changes if your sith or jedi because of the quickness of the ending. Is it worth playing as a Sith? If not should I sell this game back to EB Games before the value of the game drops even more?

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Well, the game is solid fun up until the Dantooine Council. At this point, it enters rush mode and it falls apart. So much content was cut that it leaves enormous plot holes and inconsistencies. The gameplay is still enjoyable, but the rush feeling and poor resolutions will still leave a bitter taste with anyone.


The DS ending really is no different than the LS ending, for reasons I stated earlier. You do see an extra cinema of Kreia falling into the planet's core, but that's it. Instead of the Ebon Hawk coming in to fly you away, it follows the same camera angle, without the planet breaking apart and no Ebon Hawk. Roll credits.


For me, I'm hanging on to the game. It's overall fun to play and I feel that if OE/LA don't add the content in, the mod community will eventually get it in there.

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Is the 2nd, 3rd , 4th play through worth it?


For me it was! 8 times as a matter of fact!


Always filled in more and more of the story each time I played.


End might not change much but the journey there almost always did.


So for me was money totally and completely well spent.


Only you can decide if it is for you im afraid :p

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definitly. The dark side is a whole new world to KOTOR2. it would be a shame to see all that wasted dialog that obsideon so kindly made for us.


Character interaction is differnt, new plots, new items. It's like a differnt game. All the way through I palyed the LS I was thinking

'damn, I can't wait until I do this for the DS" or "I wonder what they would say if I was the dark side"


I'm sure you get the same effect the other way round. This game was meant to play at least twice.

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It's a pretty good investment. It took what, 30 hours to play through once? Play through Darkside for another 25 hours.


Now days I'm happy if I get $1 per hour of fun out of a game.


some games I get bored of quick. Like Everquest 2. I got bored of that one after only about 20 hours of play.


It all depends on if you play a game for the ending only. Or if you enjoy the journey.


This game is a prime example. How does the saying go? It's not the destination that matters, but the journey. something like that.


If you enjoy the gameplay, keep it. If not, get rid of it.

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