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Twin Suns

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Atton is alone and trapped in the cantina on Nar Shadda (sp?) with the twin suns and I can't seem to beat them. Not even close. And the game ends with him dying (which doesn't seem right to me). So any help/hints would be greatly appreciated.





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Kill them. :thumbsup:


Try Stims, lots of stims. But it sounds like you dont have the right feats.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


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My cheap trick in all fights is to run around like mad, take a few shots, and then continue running. This time I played through as LS consular-jedi master and with the exception of a really powerful force wave and statis field, my character was really weak when it came to fighting. the twin suns is one place where running doesn't work because the area is not circular; you're bound to run into the adversary someway or another.


The bar is the surest solution I think. Either way it's exploiting the limitations of the AI; the enemy can only pursue you in a limited number of ways. Going around a circle it never occurs to him to just cut in front of you; the twilek ladies can't think of going behind the bar themselves!!!

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