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I have some questions for my 2nd time through

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Hi all, I just played through the game as a lightsider and I am confused on many things.


I figure I should play through again as darksider and maybe get more influence with kreia so I can figure things out.


Anyway I had 2 questions, I noticed as I was a jedi master and when I was level 24 I had some force powers that were question marks and when I selected them they said something like "Some force powers can only be aquired in different ways". I may be way off on that but I think it is close. I was wondering what those were and how I can activate them? It sounds like I missed alot with that.


Also I plan on using the orange assasin droid this time through and I was wondering where I can find a good blaster for him, I wasn't able to find many good rifles the first time through like I could find in Kotor 1.


Thanks a ton in advance,



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The game generates a random table when you first create a charactar of "nifty equipment", so there's no guarentee you'll have the same problem inding a blaster next time around.


The question mark powers are the "secret force powers" , you probably can never have all of them (on the same charactar). Probably some are light side only , some dark only , some for consular only ..etc etc etc ...


Near the beginning of the game , probably in Preagus, you get a conversation option with Kriea to the effect of "Whats wrong with your eyes" . This option not only leads to you gaining influence with her, but you get to repeat it over and over , getting mondo influence ... and thus openning up her dialogue tree and having her explain everything.


But then , even just being agreeable and going along with any lesson she cares to give gets you enough influence to play a fascinating little mini movie about herself and the two sith lords present on the game box ... which if you ask me explains a lot right there ... just keep asking her who or what she is Jedi or what ? ... and you will get the nibblet.

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