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Hangar Bay, Ebon Hawk, and Conduits???

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Is this the first time you've taken control of T3? Because if so you've got a long ways to go. If you've already encountered T3 in the fuel line and are at the computer console with the PC and Atton, and you are still unable to open up the Hangar Bay door, then that means you either didn't pick up the missing component to the console which has to be replaced before you can open up the Hangar door, or you have a glitch.


This missing component is laying on the ground directly in front of T3 when you see him, broken in the fuel line. It's kind of hard to miss but you have to pay attention. When you pick it up, you'll get no notification or anything, so just make sure you grab it.


Also, no offense, but the game totally spells this out for you the first time you take control of T3. When you go to that computer console initially to open up the door to the Fuel Depot, you'll see the option to open up the Hangar Bay doors for 25 computer spikes or something like that.


But even if you have the spikes, you can't open the door because of the missing component which has been purposely removed. You kinda need to make sure you READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY before proceeding.


Don't rush through a level in an effort to get out of it as fast as possible. Otherwise you'll end up stuck and clueless.


Kinda like where you are now. ;)

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So in otherworldly dude jut said kotor is dog trash and mid at best. If I have to observe my video games like a job it's not a game anymore. It's trash. Both kotor are trash games. I'm jut upset icat refund it with a switch. L game and entire fan base are brainrotted

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