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Random loot generator is odd.

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Before I got the game I heard a lot of people saying that the random loot generator is really bad. Well based on my experience now, it has some weird habits but still gives nice items.

I admit there are some things it messes up, but in general it keeps up a decent item give away.


I've got a truckload of good stuff, although the weird thing is that a lot of it is the same items. For example i've got 4 mandalorian heavy armors and a lot of other stuff that I've got more then one piece. Also the loot gen seems to have a habit of giving the same item right or almost after the last container.


On overall I like the fact that it does give good stuff, but it just seems to give them from odd places. For example I could get some good robe from a animal corpse, while blowing up a mandalorian cache with imported explosives from Korriban gives me just some basic items.


The loot I get is still a satisfactory and you never know what you'll get, which is fun.


Any opinions on this?

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I've never really liked totally random loot generators for games like this (the NWN OC is another example of a questionable loot generator). Some specific items can be randomly generated, but the majority of items are best placed so that they make sense under the circumstances.


When I find a Combat Suit on a dead cannock (sp?) on Telos (and nothing on the hordes of well-equipped mercenaries), it doesn't look good.

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No. The random loot generator is the worse thing about the game. Only thing that is nearly as bad is the super easy combat, and the whiny wannabe Cath known as Atton. Otherwise, the game is good. :)


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I like the idea of a random loot generator, but I don't think they did a very good job on this one. On one game I got three of Exar Kun's armor. How many suits did he have? I also got 2 Jolee's headbands in a matter of five minutes. What are the chances he had two and lost them both so close together? Somehow the game should be smart enough to know when I have gotten an item like that and not give it again.


Granted I have next to no programming knowledge except a little Java, but would it have been hard to give "values" to each item which could be randomly generated and then give a "value" to each place you check (Corpses, plasteel canisters, etc.) and have the totals match up? I just hate how one time through the game I'll get a Mandalorian blaster, two plasma grenades, and an Echani dueling shield from a location and the next time I get 127 credits and a single enery shield? I just don't like the discrepancy there.

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