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Intelligence and Skills Question


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How do you determine how many skills you can max out based on your intelligence?


For example, I would like to know how high my INT would have to be as a Sentinel to max out 7 of the 8 possible skills.


I am taking Repair and Demolitions feats to make them class skills so all 7 would be class (not cross class).

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I'm not sure how many base skill-points a Sentinel gets; start off with INT 10, and find out. I believe its' four. Anyway, it's the base skill-points + 1 extra per INT modifier -- INT 14 = + 2 modifier -- so you'd need an Intelligence of about 18, which truly isn't worth it. A jack of all trades, master of none, but in the worst way possible. Best to stick with the important ones, and let your companions manage the ones you don't know.

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Thank you.


Can you or someone else please explain a little further?


For example:


In Kotor 1 a Scoundrel would get starting skill points of (4 + Int Mod) * 4 and then (8 + Int Mod) / 2 skill points per level.


Then class skills would be able to reach a maximum of (New Character Level + 3). At level 20, a class skill could top out at 23. Whereas a cross class skill would be handled as (New Character Level +3) / 2 allowing the skill to max at 11.


How does K2 handle all of this?




Note: I planned on doing a Sentinel/Watchman and taking Demolitions/Repair class skill feats so all 8 skills would be class skills. Then I planned to max 7 of those skills (excluding Treat Injury). Well, that was my plan :)

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It seems like you get more skill points per int modifier this time around.


If you set your INT to 16, I think you will can do this. Just make sure you don't waste points on cross class skills-save them until you pick the class skill ____ feats.


Incidentally, with an INT of 16 you get a lot more conversation options and some problems are automatically solved, most notably a number algorithm on Peragus.


Note: With a INT of 16, you shouldn't ever increase a skill over 27. You won't need any skill higher than 30. If you stop at 27 you can use all the bonus points to catch up with any skill that fell behind.

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