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Gotta love random loot.


Just save before you get a lightsaber and load every time you don't like what you got. The process is irritating as hell, which is why I started cheating in the lightsabers that I wanted :(



How do you cheat 'em in?



Once you've got whatever lightsaber color/style you wanted, duplicate. Here's how you duplicate:






Step 1: Equip Visas w/ lightsaber.

Step 2: Enter Ebon Hawk.

Step 3: Go to Workbench.

Step 4: Select the lightsaber you equiped w/ Visas. Click on the color crystal slot but don't change it. Instead, click assemble.

Step 5: Do the above process but this time change the color crystal to whatever you want. Click assemble.

Step 6: Select lightsaber again and simply click assemble.


Note: You cannot change the duplicated lightsaber on the Ebon Hawk Workbench. You have to do it on another bench.

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