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narshada screw up (spoilers)


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after i defeat the red eclipse on the ebon hawk i didn't get the invitation to meet the  2 leader of the exchange can anyone help me.


Do more sidequests. Your status with the exchange is not high enough. Pay the little furry dude outside the cantina 2000 bucks if you don't feel like doing lots and lots of side quests.

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k i had this exact same problem and i did like every single sidequest in the game.. i know i have enough prestige to visit the exchange!! but for some reason visquiss hasn't contacted me after i defeated the red circle gang guys... so any help.. anybody??


Talk to the rat guy outside the cantina and pay him 2000 to get noticed by the exchange. Ususally when you move out of that section the exchange contacts you.

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Nar Shaddaa is a bit wonky as far as the quests go. Make sure you meet with Vogga as late as possible. Visit the Pazaak den and the bar before you go see him, too. (Hint: visit the bar in stealth mode for a hard-to-find bit of info)


It's really easy to miss a quest because you didn't talk to the right person, or talked to them at the wrong time.

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